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The Player's Guide to Creating a Character Empty The Player's Guide to Creating a Character

on Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:26 am
Decree no. 42
Ministry of Magic, London

Article 1
General Information

§1 Before creating your character, please read the essential rules and guidelines, with special regards to the paragraphs dealing with characters.
§2 When creating your character, use the character sheet provided on the forum. 
§3 When referring to your character and his/her traits, feel free to consult the Harry Potter Wikia
Article 2
Essential Rules

§1 Your character has to be from the Wizarding World, meaning he can, by any standard, be a part of that world. Characters, races and species from other lores, similar or not, are not allowed. 
§2 With respect to the rules of the Wizarding World, please keep your characters as realistic as possible. 
§3 When creating your application topic, please use this form: [LAST NAME], [First Name] (Middle Name/Initial).
Article 3
Types of Characters

§1 Here on Hogwarts 2032, characters can either be original (OC) or canon (CC). 
§2 Original characters are characters created specifically for this RP and are not, in any way, present in Rowling's Wizarding World. 
§3 Canon characters are characters already present in Rowling's Wizarding World, either via mention or via appearance. 
§4 All events concerning canon characters up to the year 2032 are still considered canon and cannot be changed without the administrators' explicit permission. 
§5 Characters not appearing in the canon material, but related to canon characters are considered original characters, despite their relation, but do keep it realistic. 
§6 Please consult an administrator before taking one of the free canon characters. 
Article 4
Face Claims

§1 All face claims must be real persons and celebrities, living or deceased. Personal images or images of friends/family/acquaintances/etc. are strictly forbidden. 
§2 You do not have to use their picture on your avatar or in your signature, but you have to claim a real person. 
§3 For a list of taken claims, please go here
Article 5

§1 When creating a non-student character, please keep in mind that you character should have an occupation. Jobless characters are, of course, allowed, but they have to have a plot focus other than that. 
§2 When taking up or applying for those more important positions such as Hogwarts staff (or any other school), higher Ministry officials (Minister of Magic, Heads of Departments, etc.), important Muggle positions, etc., please contact one of the administrators before posting your application. Since they are important roles and positions, the administrators might want to have a say as to who plays whom. 
§3 The administrators can reject an application if they deem it inadequate.
§4 The administrators can request additional proof that a player is capable of playing a certain role. 
§5 There are no limitations for other occupations. 
Article 6
The Index

§1 For all the specific information about Wands, Abilities and other magical aspects of your character, please refer to the source mentioned in Art. 1, §3. 
§2 If something is not listed in the above-mentioned source, it is not allowed in your application without explicit administrative authorization. 
§3 When describing your abilities, be careful to avoid overpowering your character or making them unrealistic. 
Article 7
Status of Application

§1 An application can be - approved, on hold or rejected. 
§2 Administrators are in charge of deciding on applications, unless otherwise delegated. 
§3 An application that meets all the necessary criteria is accepted and sorted into adequate groups. Upon acceptance, the player can start posting with that character. 
§4 An application is put on hold if it requires some extra work or if it is incomplete. The player will be contacted via PM to make the necessary changes, after which the application will be reviewed again. Such an application can be approved or rejected. 
§5 An application is rejected when it does not meet the necessary criteria, when a character is unacceptable in regards to lore, conception, etc., when it was put on hold but not adequately modified, when the example does not meet the necessary criteria and/or when an administrator deems it necessary. The player whose application is rejected can make another application for another character. 
Article 8

§1 For a list of accepted characters, please visit this location. 

Minister of Magic
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